RELEASE 2022.0.0
March 08, 2022

Some product news is more fun and exciting than others. This is one of those fun ones. 😎🥳

TruView now works in VR! With this latest update, users can view their projects with any Windows Mixed Reality-compatible headset, entering a fully immersive virtual reality experience from the comfort of your home or office, at life scale.

Other important features and improvements in this update, even if you're not planning to use the VR function, include

📍GEOTAGS: add and delete; attach files from disk; obey limit box and oclusion rules
👏COE: auto-align COE models; support for additional objects in COE
📸SNAPSHOTS: markups present in snapshots.

You can download TruView 2022.0.0 from the MyWorld portal. Please reach out to us for help if you have any questions about this newest release!

RELEASE 2022.0.0