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Capture your world, faster than ever.

Reality capture technologies provide unprecedented benefits to the construction industry. Creating a digital twin of the as-built environment allows the seamless integration of BIM models before, during, and after construction to identify discrepancies, make decisions, communicate changes, and avoid costly schedule disruptions. We can help you to increase communication across all stakeholders in construction projects of any scale, combining data from multiple sources and encouraging swift and efficient cooperation to achieve superior results. Talk to the R-E-A-L.iT team of experts to learn more about how reality capture technology can increase your efficiency while improving outcomes and reducing risk for all stakeholders in your construction projects.

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Our EXPERTS@R-E-A-L.iT are ready to help you with onboarding this new technology in your business. Whether you need to train your employees with this new hardware, or have questions about what software solutions to use in the office to get the most out of your data, we are ready to assist you at every step of the process. Check out our coaching plans at Still have questions? Click the button below to start a conversation with one of our experts.

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Laser scanning is a revolutionary way to supercharge your workflow. At R-E-A-L.iT, we can help you increase the quality of your deliverables while also helping you work faster and smarter. Our hardware provides you with a lightning fast way to gather measurements, helping your teams get in and out of sites in record time, with more data than they could ever capture using traditional measurement techniques. Ready to buy? Click the button below to place an order.