August 18, 2023

How Reality Capture Solutions Can Solve Challenges In Manufacturing

Manufacturers play a critical role in the global economy, producing products and services that are used in every industry. In the United States alone, the total output of manufacturing is upwards of $3 trillion dollars per year, employing almost ten percent of the country’s workforce. With rapid developments and complex supply chains, manufacturers require advanced solutions to optimize their production lines and protect their bottom line. 

Reality capture solutions offer the manufacturing industry the tools to address existing and new challenges that comprise operations. By integrating reality capture into workflows, businesses can gather valuable data through laser scanning, process the information quickly, and use the insights to make key decisions that improve productivity and profit margins. 

By utilizing an array of reality capture technologies, manufacturers can increase optimization, ensure higher safety standards, and gain the assurance to scale efficiently.


Mitigate Equipment Failure 

Machinery is an essential component of the manufacturing process, but it is also a common source of problems. Machinery systems that break or malfunction can cause production loss, downtime, and even cause serious injury. With machine failures, costs can rise and production can reach a standstill. 

Reality capture solutions help prevent and quickly fix every machine by providing high-quality plant and manufacturing information. By combining enterprise software with R-E-A-L.iT equipment, administrators have access to real-time data about the current condition of machinery and plant operations. With simple control from a cloud-based platform, managers and operators can better understand the limits of their machines and schedule any maintenance before catastrophe strikes. 

Improve Sustainability 

With more government regulations and climate change initiatives, manufacturers have been forced to find new ways to cut waste and reduce emissions. Manufacturers are incentivized to make their operations more sustainable. For example, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 set forth increased company reporting requirements for climate-related risks and opportunities, and larger penalties for non-compliance.

The manufacturing industry can adhere to the environmental guidelines by incorporating reality capture technologies to review their environmental impact and optimize their operations. The RTC360 can scan every facet of a plant’s machines and production lines for quality control and sustainability measures. Managers and operators can make informed decisions from the reality capture scans for improved, cleaner processes. With the significant data from reality capture, manufacturing becomes less damaging to the environment, leading to greater support from customers, investors, and the general public.

Excel Through Margin Pressures

With inflation hikes in recent years, manufacturers have struggled to keep their consumer price offerings competitive while remaining profitable. In addition, energy and labor costs have seen large increases in many countries. To counteract the greater operations costs and shrinking margins, R-E-A-L.iT solutions can help streamline production lines for maximum productivity. 

Manufacturers must strategically shift their operations to reduce costs and eliminate every unnecessary process. By integrating reality capture technologies, factories are able to automate their machines and worker actions which lead to more value across the supply network. With software integrations, data is connected seamlessly with the physical and digital worlds. From these systems, manufacturers have more intelligence built into all processes. They can learn and adapt quickly to changing conditions in real-time, pursuing expert quality with optimized design and fewer inputs.

Solve Labor Challenges

Labor shortages have hurt supply chains and have cost manufacturers greatly by reduced production outputs and revenue loss. Finding and retaining skilled workers is an ongoing challenge with few solutions providing enough help. Fortunately, reality capture can help to acquire more qualified workers and build more autonomous machines. 

Reality capture creates breathtaking, useful 3D maps of an entire factory's systems and operations. With data and highly-detailed mapping, managers can train new workers more efficiently and discover better ways to automate machines and robotic equipment. By sharing the point-cloud constructions with prospective workers, manufacturers can attract greater interest and help boost their hiring rates. 

Explore Reality Capture Solutions With R.E.A.L.iT 

With real-time insights, improved automation, and data-driven intelligence, manufacturers can increase their productivity and sustainability. Explore how R-E-A-L.iT Solutions can solve pressing challenges in manufacturing. Utilize the capabilities in your industry today by booking a demo with one of our EXPERTS@R-E-A-L.iT. You can rely on our team for guidance in selecting the right equipment and software for your specific needs.