February 01, 2023

Preventing workplace injuries is serious business.

Did you know that the utilities industry has one of the highest risks of workplace injuries? Surprisingly, the most common form of injury in the power and energy sector is actually sprains, twists, and strains, primarily to the back and trunk, with head injuries coming in second. (Source: ERPI Research Center, Occupational Health and Safety Annual Report 2020)

The most immediate risk to workers is not a dramatic fall or burn, but rather climbing in, around, and under piping and equipment that is not designed with human mobility in mind. While usually not dramatic or life threatening, these injuries are harmful to workers and their families while increasing insurance costs and lowering productivity for your business as a whole.

Laser scanning can drastically decrease the risk of these kinds of workplace injuries by allowing you to quickly and easily create a digital twin of your facility. This 3D replica of your workplace can eliminate or greatly reduce the need for workers to physically reach into these small spaces.

What was once risky and time consuming work becomes simple and easy from your desktop. Measure and identify components and parts from your office instead of from the floor of your facility. You can even measure clearance and open space in your digital twin before sending an employee in to a hazardous situation, to prevent potential injury.

Laser scanning just makes sense when you prioritize the health and welfare of your employees, ensuring a safer, more efficient workplace.

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