August 31, 2023

With labor shortages and supply chain issues continuing to affect industries worldwide, laser scanning technology helps businesses upgrade their operations and remain profitable. Professionals in construction, manufacturing, plant management and a range of other industries operate with increased speed, precision, and accuracy as they face new challenges daily. 

Among the top contenders in the field of spatial documentation is the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner. The RTC360 is a versatile and powerful tool that offers a myriad of features designed to streamline workflows, enhance data accuracy, and provide unparalleled visualization capabilities. 

As you navigate the landscape of laser scanners, here are key aspects you should know about the Leica RTC360 and how it can revolutionize your approach to reality capture.

Unveiling the Hidden Speed

The published specifications are impressive with the RTC360's capability to scan at a remarkable 2 million points per second in real-world conditions. This high-speed data acquisition allows you to capture more detail and accuracy in a shorter time frame. 

Moreover, the scanner employs a dual-pulse mechanism—high intensity and low intensity—which records optimal signals for better coverage on complex surfaces such as shiny or dark materials. This sets the RTC360 apart from its competitors, ensuring you get the best data quality possible.

Top-Tier Quality In Every Scan

Unlike some laser scanners that allow users to adjust quality settings, Leica Geosystems takes a different approach. The RTC360 is pre-set to operate at maximum quality levels, ensuring that you're consistently capturing top-tier data. While you can modify the density or resolution settings, these adjustments do not compromise the overall quality or accuracy of the captured information. This commitment to unwavering quality provides a level of consistency and reliability crucial for decision-making processes.

The precision and speed of the RTC360 allows businesses to quickly gather vital scan information to maximize productivity and outpace their competition. Check out this video that highlights the technical features that make the RTC360 such an innovative tool.

Elevating Visualization with HDR

The five-bracket High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging might seem like a minor feature, but it has a significant impact on the quality of visualizations. Surprisingly, integrating these HDR photos into scans only adds one extra minute to the scan time. However, the visual enhancement and improved clarity they bring to the scan data is substantial. This feature allows you to convey your findings with greater accuracy and provide leaders and stakeholders with a more immersive understanding of the scanned environment.

Rapid Scans with Versatility

In time-sensitive situations, the RTC360's efficiency shines. With scan times as low as 26 seconds for low-resolution scans and 1 minute and 42 seconds for high-resolution scans, you can rapidly capture data without sacrificing quality. The ability to adapt to various resolutions and speeds ensures that the RTC360 accommodates diverse project requirements without compromising precision.

Learn more about the RTC specifications that solidify the versatility and capabilities of this tool. 

Two-Pass Function for Data Integrity

One of the unique features of the RTC360 is its two-pass function, specifically designed to address the challenge of moving objects during scanning. By conducting two scanning passes and performing a comparative analysis between them, the scanner automatically eliminates extraneous data caused by moving objects while minimizing data cleaning efforts. Although it might not be suitable for extremely dynamic environments, this function proves invaluable in scenarios such as construction projects and other highly-active scan areas.

Read case studies on how businesses in a variety of industries are utilizing reality capture with the RTC360.

Data Registration Capabilities

Data from the RTC360 can be registered into the Field360 app on a tablet or iPad. This integration with the Field360 app helps simplify workflows for on-site use of the information collected by the RTC360. By using the data registration capabilities, professionals enhance mobility and convenience, particularly in situations where setup time and equipment are limited.

Invest In The Leica RTC360 With

R-E-A-L.iT Experts

The decision to invest in a laser scanner for your business offers an unmatched advantage over the competition. By harnessing the capabilities of the Leica RTC360 and combining them with the support of R-E-A-L.iT experts, you are empowered to tackle even the most complex tasks with confidence. Remember, the journey towards an informed decision starts with comprehensive knowledge, and your next step should involve engaging with experts who can guide you through the process. Request a demo by filling out our contact form or by calling 833-573-2548